Summer in Full Swing | Week 1


The summer started with a bang! Hot weather, ice creams and a residential!

Stubbers Weekend Away

On Friday the Positive Activity gang gathered at the YLF office, ready to go on a fun packed residential to Stubbers Activity Centre. With the van packed, the team were all set - two hours later after singing, laughing and talking about the weekend ahead, they arrived at their destination, just in time for dinner! The gang enjoyed a chilled evening playing games before getting some needed sleep before a busy day ahead.

With a slight rainy start to their Saturday morning, the crew’s spirits weren’t defeated. They were up and ready to go, eager to find out what activities they were doing that day. First up - Team Challenge. Working together to accomplish the goals set for them and learning the importance of teamwork, the groups left the activities feeling satisfied and with more understanding of each other. Mission accomplished team! The next two team activities - Kayaking and Vertical Assault! There was plenty of splashing around and learning how to paddle in the kayak, and there was the conquering of the fear of heights, before a team swap after lunch. The last group activity - a competitive game of Laser Tag! The team were exhausted after a day packed full of activities but there was time for a campfire, telling stories and playing games before they headed off to bed.

Sunday arrived and the crew were greeted by the rain… again! But that still didn’t dampen their spirits and they were fueled with excitement to try some new activities! The crew were off Jet Skiing and Paddle Boarding today! The group eagerly got involved and enjoyed every minute! After they had eaten lunch, the crew loaded the vans, helped clean the camp, and got ready for their last activity… Raft Building. Teamwork made the dream work again as they all built their raft… but the question came… would it float? They pushed it onto the water and yes - it floated! They all climbed on and paddled out onto the lake. When the session finished, they helped take apart the raft and rushed to get changed out of their wet clothes! A quick stop at the coffee shop for an ice cream before the crew piled back into the vans and headed home! What a weekend!

Bowling Madness!

On Wednesday, the young people of Sittingbourne were rather eager and excited to be heading out of Sittingbourne for their group activity. … the bowling alley didn’t know what was about to hit them…

We arrived at the bowling alley ready for some bowling competition!

Everyone bowled in and dashed to get their game names set up and all bowled their hardest to see who was going to win and be crowned the Bowling King or Queen. After lots of super strikes, smashing spares and of course great food, it was time to crown the winner…. Well - they drew; surely, everyone knows they are all winners!

"I loved being able to get to know more people”

“I loved getting more than one strike”

“The food was great too!”

Thorpe Park Thrills

The young people from YLF rounded their first week of the Summer off with some thrill seeking rides at Thorpe Park. Everyone enjoyed the loops, the dips and the stomach churning rides at Thorpe Park, and to keep cool the group enjoyed regularly taking the plunge down the tidal wave too!

“I loved tidal wave; it deffo helped me to cool down”

“Saw was sick!”

“I loved being here, I have never been before, it was fun!”