Wales | Sunday Adventures!

Today was an early start for most... and by early, we mean 6am!!!

We had breakfast together and everyone got stuck in with some chores before collecting our kit that we needed for the day's activities.

MountainWe headed off just around the corner to the lake where we were split into two teams to try either kayaking or boating. Everyone worked well in their teams, supporting each other and reassuring each other when things were a little tough. No one capsized which was a plus! The boating activity involved two boats tied together and five/six people all rowing together.They all did a great job as it was quite a challenge keeping the boat straight!

Becky said, "I am actually pleased I did kayaking and boating as I am petrified of water. I am really proud that I faced my fear."

Aaron said, "That was the first time I have ever done kayaking and I really enjoyed it!"

We got to have lunch together and make fires by the beautiful lake. We also got to learn about the area and the mountain staff pointed out the 'Lady of the Lake' - an image of a lady that you can see on one of the hill sides. No sign of the Welsh Dragon up here though!

After lunch we swapped over activities - it was an exciting experience so far and we were all having a great time!

We got back, dried off and had a delicious dinner together with numerous conversations about our adventure so far.. But the days activities were not over yet...

HikeWe were now off for a evening hike up a local mountain and although it started to rain slightly, we didn't mind! We were so excited to be going on a hike that would take us to see where part of a James Bond film was shot. We took in the beautiful scenery around us and listened to our instructor about the history of the area before heading back down again.

"I loved seeing the sheep. The one that was stuck up the hill was funny too!" said Bobbie

By the time we got back to the minibus the rain fell even heavier and everyone's eyes became heavy too. We headed back to the centre to enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate and a kit kat before bed... we all certainly had a fun filled day!

"That was epic, I loved today and can't wait for tomorrow." Star

"I have loved today, it has been great." Ellesse

PS. We have had a bit of trouble with the camera, so will update the Blog with more pictures on our return - do check back!