Wales | Fun Monday Mayhem!

So, another successful day in the hunt for the Welsh Dragon!!

Today the young people were given a choice about which activity they would like to take part in. It was going to be either Sea Traversing or Gorge Scrambling. The choice of Gorge Scrambling was almost unanimous.

So, it was off in the minibuses after another yummy breakfast to a local gorge to begin the ascent. After putting on full waterproof kit we were harnessed up and the scramble began. Everyone started off cautiously, afraid of slipping on the wet rocks. As our confidence grew, we began to encourage one another to tackle the more difficult climbs with the centre staff supporting us all the way.

photo 9One of the trickiest parts of the climb was sliding along a slippery wet fallen tree over a fast running waterfall. Not everyone made it over the first time but everyone made it in the end. Star said, “I could feel myself slipping and I knew I was going to fall in! I looked like a sloth hanging on for dear life! The water was really cold but I managed it in the end.”

The final part of the climb was the opportunity to jump into a deep pool at the edge of a waterfall. Conor was the first brave soul to jump in but Jamie was the dare devil determined to jump in again and again, “I could do this all day, it’s brilliant!” he said.

Everyone really felt they had achieved something today and we are extremely proud of all our young people!