How You Can Help

There are a number of ways that you can get involved with YLF and give your support:

Getting Involved Could Mean...

  • Offering front-line support as one of our volunteers
  • Organising individual or community fundraising events like marathons or charity sales
  • Placing a collection tin or snack box in a shop or business to collect donations on our behalf
  • Making regular personal or business donations
  • Choosing us as your companies Charity of the Year

However you choose to get involved, we are always grateful!

Your support helps us to continue to make a difference to the lives of local children and young people in need.

What People Say

“I knew I wanted to support YLF when I saw that they help local children. Knowing I’m helping someone that could be living in my town is so much more worthwhile.”

“The personalised support I have received from the team at YLF is more than I expected. They could’t be more helpful – a fantastic charity to volunteer for!”

What Next?

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Give some time and be a positive role model in someones life

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Do something fun and challenging whilst raising vital funds

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Become a Supporter

We’d love for your business to invest in our young people