CPB Training

MCYPC have recently attended member training for our new corporate parents!

Sophie and Kristy have recently attended the induction for new Corporate Parenting members…

The new Labour party has been elected so there is going to be change with new members on the board. Because of this they might not have knowledge on young people being in care, so Donna (Assistant Director of Children’s Services) invited us to help give the young person’s point of view.

‘The voice of the child’ training was developed by MCYPC young people and is delivered to Medway professionals by young people to help give their point of view and create good practice for workers. Kristy and Sophie delivered the training to the 30 new members who are looking to make good change and attend events to meet young people. In the training we went through the top 10 professional standards, rights and entitlements and allowed time for a Q&A.

We have had such great feedback from delivering this and look forward to continuing our work with the Corporate Parenting Board further!

If you would like the opportunity to train Medway professionals which is a paid position please email mcypc@ylf.org.uk (please note that you need to be a Medway care experienced young person aged 16+)