A Thanet First!

Our young Legends of Thanet head off on their very FIRST weekend trip together!

The Legends group from our Thanet hub, ventured off on their FIRST overnight trip away from home. Some of the young people hadn’t travelled very far before, so it was a little scary, however, it  was also a HUGE accomplishment for Thanet!

This is all about their Team Adventure…

“We arrived at Kingswood Activity Centre, warmly greeted by a training instructor who took us for a brief tour around the grounds. We were shown our rooms and then headed down to dinner.

There was no hanging around as we jumped into our first activity – a camp-fire! It was a great way to start the weekend, making smores made over the fire as the sun set for the evening – which led us to telling some scary stories before lights out!

The next morning after breakfast, our first activity was Buggy Building!! We were split into two teams and the activity consisted of four barrels, some planks, round logs and some rope. The teams worked together to try and find the best way to build a buggy without it falling apart; learning how to tie different knots using rope.

We then tested our hand-eye coordination with Archery. We were pretty good but sure that they made the targets extra small just for us! A few good shots were made by everyone which then led us into our next eye coordination team building game of ‘wink wink murderer’, played in various ways. We had a round where there was two murderers and only one detective, which become a little challenging for everyone but a great laugh before heading to lunch.

The afternoon challenges put our team skills to the test. The first included figuring out how to get over a super high wall and trusting each other to help us climb up! We did it! Another was Aeroball and who could score the most goals within a certain time limit – if you’ve ever played you’ll know how hard it can be bouncing and throwing at the same time!

The more challenging task was Quick Zip! For a lot of us, this meant facing our fears of heights to give this a go – the adrenaline buzz was a positive one!

In the evening we rested our bodies but tested our knowledge instead in some quizzes, riddles and picture puzzles. It was nice to chill and talk about our day together before heading to bed.

For our final challenge on the last day we tested our fitness with an obstacle course… in the rain! This really brought the group together as everyone needed the encouragement and support to keep going and get to the end! We ended our weekend adventure on the 3G Swing – a massive test on everyone’s fear of heights again! We had a few of us go the max height before pulling a cord to be swung to the ground again! What an achievement!”

Well done Thanet Legends!! A brilliant weekend!!

“Thank you for bringing us on this trip away, we wouldn’t have been able to do it otherwise.”

“I am pleased I did have a go at the 3G swing. I want to go again and go higher next time!”