Themes Inspired by You!

Introducing the new Corporate Parenting Board themes, inspired by MCYPC!

Hello MCYPC squad I hope you are doing great!

We are here to talk to you about some exciting news we have… a new system to help with the – ‘you said we did’!

Medway Corporate Parents are working on particular themes to make sure they are accountable and sharing actions clearly with us based on the themes that young people raised most often.

The themes are:

  • Listening to you – October 2021
  • School, College, Work – December 2021
  • Feeling safe and cared for – February 2022
  • Health and Support – April 2022
  • Home and Housing – June 2022

Below is a video of Cllr Howcroft-Scott feeding back on the actions taken from the last Corporate Parenting Board which was held in November based on the theme of ‘Listening to you’. This is also on YouTube here.

Keep an eye out on our social media channels and send in your challenge cards about your views of the MCYPC themes!

The next theme we are going to be working on is ‘Feeling Safe & Cared for’ so contact us to find out all the different ways you can get involved in this theme.