Awarding Achievers

YLF are very pleased to celebrate two most recent achievements from young people being supported through our Mentoring Programmes!

We are proud to announce that Will has been awarded his ASDAN ‘Road Wise’ short course certificate!

With the help of his volunteer mentor over the past 6 months, Will used his excellent problem solving skills to bring a BMX bike 'back to life'. Will prepared the bike for adjustments and did some 'refurbishing', in order to ensure it was in perfect working condition again! In the photo you can see just how much work was put into this challenge - a great success!

Well done Will on everything you have achieved!


Also YLF are proud of another young mentee, Lee, who undertook a special ASDAN challenge to complete a 'Stepping Stones' Award. Alongside his volunteer mentor, Fran, he created his very own board game!

After brainstorming some great ideas, Lee decided to create a board game around his current interest – Pokemon Go! He made a draft design that was trialled and tested before creating the real thing. As you can see from the photos, it was amazing!

YLF were very excited when Lee visited us with his game for us all to play, before being awarded his certificate!

A fantastic achievement Lee – well done!