Careers Week 2022

We celebrate National Careers Week with our young people...

7th - 12th March 2022

National Careers Week (NCW) is a celebration of careers guidance and resources that provides a focus to help support young people leaving education. It is about empowering students, educators, advisers and organisations.

As a charity supporting young people in achieving brighter and more positive futures, we continually work towards providing opportunities, resources and guidance to engage and inspire our future generations. And during Careers Week, we have been spending time giving advice on the importance of careers and the opportunities they provide, as well as helping to prepare our young people for the world of employment and better decision making.

Take a look at some of the achievements of our groups, and individual young people:

This week our Senior Legends and MCYPC members took part in a CV writing workshop with Robin from The Education People

– We discussed some top tips to add to your CV
– Some young people also had a go at writing their own cover letters
– We discussed various opportunities the young people could do for work and gaining experience

Determination, resilience and hard work has helped one of our care leavers to strive towards his career goals. With the support of the job centre work coach he was given an opportunity to join a traineeship in a local leisure centre. Wages were low and it was a 6 month opportunity but it gave him a wide range of experience, some qualifications in the field of work, and got him on the pathway towards his goal.

At the end of his traineeship he was offered a role with a working freelance as a personal trainer and boxing coach with a different organisation and is now building up his work. What a wonderful role model he is now working in several schools and youth groups across Kent and Medway and he is also the UK Amateur Boxing Champion for his weight currently too …what a star!

Young person Mohamad didn’t have anything to write on his CV and so YLF have been supporting him with work experience opportunities, giving him vital experience which will be crucial when it comes to applying for jobs.

Mohamad supported our team at Christmas and on Friday, furthered his work experience by attending the Gala evening, helping to welcome guests, assist with the raffle and supporting the team throughout the event!

Thanks to a kind YLF supporter, Mohamad was also able to attend the evening wearing his first ever suit – doesn’t he look smart?

Care Leavers have an added pressure to be financially independent and secure from a younger age as they often have limited options available to them if they are short of money.

One of our Care Leavers is determined not to let her circumstances define her and alongside her A Levels she holds down two part time jobs in the hospitality industry. Her employers have recognised her hard work and competence in the work place and have supported her with training to enable her to develop her management and bookkeeping skills.

She hopes in the future to go to University and has her sights set on a career in Human Resources or Social Work. Her YLF Mentor brings to the role, expertise in study skills and is able to support her to achieve the best grades she can to achieve her future goals.

“Hello, I’m Sophie and I’m an 19 year old care leaver and I have been doing an apprenticeship with YLF for two years.

I am now in my second year of my apprenticeship I’m doing a Diploma in Youth Work. I have achieved my Business Administration and ICT Level 2, and I have also completed over 72 licenses/accreditations/CPD qualifications since I have been here. I have achieved access to be a licensed provider for ‘Prevent’ – “Behind closed doors Maryam and Jo” and Child Sexual Exploitations – “Looking out for Lottie”.

After I have finished my apprenticeship I would like to get a degree in youth work. Once I have a degree in youth work, I would like to continue my career working with young people, understand their wishes, views and feelings and getting their voice heard. My dream is to help looked after young people know that being in care shouldn’t hold you back and you can achieve anything you want in life!”

Some more careers feedback...

Employers look for skills like a positive attitude, commitment, reliability and willingness to learn. One of our care leavers has demonstrated just that. He has held down a part time job in the same café for the past 4 years and is clearly a valued member of the team. We are so proud that he has this excellent track record to share with future employers.

One of our young people is lucky to have a Mentor who is a Careers Advisor. She has received support from her Mentor on a wide range of issues over the past year and as she approaches the end of her college course, her Mentor has been able to help her to explore future options including Apprenticeship opportunities in Health and Social Care, and support to find part time work.

When you want to work towards a career in construction who better to help you than a Mentor who has had a successful career in the industry. One of our young people is about to start his Mentoring journey and we are excited to be able to offer him support from someone who has huge expertise and knowledge to share.

Also this Careers Week...

…We waved goodbye to Mickie and Nicole, two students who have been on placement with YLF for the past few months. We are so grateful to them for their support of our frontline services and wish them all the best with the remainder of their University courses!