Celebrating ASDAN

During the successful evening at the Time2Shine Awards in Medway last week, the Children in Care Council had further celebrations in addition to winning the “Community Action” award!

IMG_1915As you will have no doubt heard, the Children in Care Council (CiCC) recently adventured on a life-changing trip overseas to experience 'Inside India'. During their time there, every member of the CiCC worked towards an ASDAN qualification whilst teaching in a local school and volunteering in the local orphanage.

Every one of the nine young people who attended the trip successfully completed the 'International Award' short course which qualifies them with five ASDAN credits! This educational achievement was one to be celebrated! A huge well done to the CiCC!

And... Not only this! But...

IMG_1908YLF presented each member with a photo memory book as a reward! As these books were handed out the group went silent. The emotion could be felt from everyone. Smiles were beaming across their faces. The following comments said it all...

"These are lifelong memories that we will never forget! Thank you!"

"Everyone should make sure these books are well looked after - they're precious, don't lose them!"