Feb Half Term Fun!

YLF's Positive Activities Team have been busy providing new and exciting activities this February half term to give young people a new challenge and meet with new friends!

IMG_1780To kick the half term off, our junior group headed to Gillingham Silver Blades Rink for an afternoon of ice skating. 

After battling the task of putting on their skates, everybody was wrapped up and ready to hit the ice. Firstly the group were holding on to the side for dear life, but as they all gained confidence (and some new ice skating moves!) they were all comfortable to put their fears to the side and gain some speed!

“I loved ice skating today, it was great! It gave me happy memories of when I was really little.” said Jack

“I have only ever been able to come ice skating with YLF - I've really enjoyed it!” said Chloe

Group photoThe newly acclaimed Gravity Trampolining Park in Maidstone was such a hit this half term, we went twice! For both groups this was a totally new experience - a bouncing, tumbling, jump fest!

In their bright orange socks given free from the venue, the group slipped into springboard mode for a game of dodge ball - huge smiles were all around! Bouncing up on the trampolines and even off of ramps and walls! Later there was even the chance to show off the best back flips, crazy poses in the air and best landing positions too as they launched themselves in the giant sponge pit!

IMG_1787"That was brilliant - and completely crazy! This trip was the bomb!" said Julie

"I have really enjoyed today - just messing around and be able to have fun!" said Kidyst

For those unable to join us at Gravity or for ice skating, there was a final activity offered of Lazer Rush!

With every individual out for themselves the first games begun... Best shot, and highest score! But there was also the opportunity to work as teams - Red versus Green! After 20 minutes of skilful team antics, the winning team was Red, scoring 900 points against Green who scored 300. The Green team did a fantastic job as they played the game with only 5 players - it turned out that everyone else had picked the red team who were double in size! But today, everyone was really a winner at such an enjoyable and challenging day!

IMG_0027“There wasn't a best thing about today, it was all awesome!" said Brandon

“I loved just being able to come here. The only time I have ever been able to play lazer rush is with YLF - thanks!” said Tavaius

Well done to the YLF Positive Activities team for delivering such a fantastically fun half term!