Easter Holiday fun

Look what we got up to in the first week of the Easter Holidays!

Little Potters

Ten young people set off on the first activity of the Easter Holidays, Little Potters in Sittingbourne, to have some artsy fun!  Young people chatted excitedly about which pottery piece they wanted to paint, there were so many to choose from!  Finally, the decisions were made with some young people choosing signs, whilst others chose animal ornaments to paint.

“ I really like the piece of pottery I picked to paint, I have had a brilliant day.” Adam

Then it was on to the next challenge, which colour paint to use!
IMG_2606“There are so many colours to choose from, I don’t know which one to pick.” Megan

With the important decisions made, everyone focused hard to complIMG_2612ete their beautiful masterpieces.

“I really enjoyed being able to sit and paint and have something nice to take home.” Sophie

Then it was time for lunch!   Everyone talked about their plans for the Easter break and having eaten plenty of sandwiches, cakes and fruit, it was time to head home.



The next trip was to Chessington World of Adventures!  

Fourteen young people arrived eager and ready to head off to Chessington!  After a rather quick journey (yes we were surprised too!) we arrived and were excited to hit the park.IMG_2626

There were screams of excitement as we went on looping rides, water rides and pirate boats!

“I loved the spinning ride that squirted water; it was sooo scary but so much fun too”. David

Over lunch, young people had the chance to talk about the rides they had been on, which ones were the best and fastest,  and plan what they were going to do for the afternoon.

“I loved the vampire ride, it was awesome!” Megan


Food eaten and settled it was time to hit the rides again and enjoy some stomach churning rollercoasters and enjoy an ice cream together. One young person enjoyed being able to feed the parrots and see the animals too.

“I loved feeding the parrot, it was really cool!” Sam

It was now time to head home, where rather tired young people enjoyed a good snooze.  A good day was had by all!

Stay tuned for news about next weeks activities.....