Happy Campers!

campOn Saturday 16th November, our group of youngsters braved the elements for a cozy camp out at Rutland Woods in Bearsted, Maidstone.

Equipped with sleeping bags, mess tins and a real sense of adventure, the group were ready to face the day and the first job was to set up camp!

Within two hours the tents were up, new friendships were formed and beds were made - just as well - it was pitch black by then!

"Manhunt anyone??"

Several games of manhunt, call of duty, and good old hide and seek later, the group were ready to settle around the fire for hot chocolate, toasted marshmallows and story telling...


...It wasn't long before someone mentioned just how close we were to Pluckley so this set the tone for a night of ghost stories followed by cries of...

"OMG - I'm not going to the toilet on my own!"
"I won't sleep tonight!"
"Ahhh - whats that on my arm!..."

Despite the group going to bed in the early hours all giggly, by that point they were also slightly scared!

“I go on army cadet camps all the time. This one was miles better! When can we do it again?”

“I haven’t stopped laughing since I got here!”