Kingswood Overnight Adventure

DSC_058775 pupils from New Line Learning Academy (NLL) all headed to Kingswood Activity Centre with YLF for an adventure they would never forget.

They took part in 11 different activities over the weekend including team building, problem solving, Jacobs ladder and 3G Swing - plus so much more!

These activities helped the young people to work together, support and encourage each other and to overcome fears that they may have had. The weather was beautiful and at points extremely hot but this didn't stop the young people and they kept on pushing themselves beyond their limits!

One of the main highlights from the weekend was the 3G swing; this was where the young people worked as a team to help pull two of their team mates high into the air to then free fall on a swing from a great height. Most people enjoyed this activity from the smiles on their faces and the conversations about it afterwards.

“That was rage, I loved it." Savannah, age 12

Young people that were petrified of heights managed to climb extremely high on the Jacobs ladder. This was great for them to see just what they could achieve by pushing themselves and gaining support and encouragement from their team mates.

NLL KW - SwingEveryone took away with them pride and achievements from the activities and what they had learnt from the weekend. The NLL staff saw their pupils grow and develop outside of the school environment and YLF were extremely pleased to be a part of the all the fun.

A huge thank you goes to the ETM Foundation. Thanks to them, we are able to provide such positive experiences for the young people at NLL.

“I have had a great weekend, I am really pleased I came along.” Jasmine age 12

“This is my first ever holiday, it’s great!” Emily age 12