Land Rover Support

Guy Salmon Maidstone is supporting our mentees with dealership visits

Guy Salmon Land Rover Maidstone has been helping us to motivate and guide our young people!

The Sytner Group and dealership staff have been working to arrange days that our young people being supported through our mentoring programmes will never forget.


This exciting new partnership has begun thanks to our volunteer mentor, Nick, who approached the dealership about visiting with one of the children he mentors.

Kim Simpson, Customer Relations Manager at Guy Salmon Land Rover, said:

“I was approached by Nick, and he asked if one of the children he mentors at The Young Lives Foundation, could come in for a visit. The charity does amazing work so we were thrilled to get involved and we arranged the visit with Nick and let the whole team here know that we were to have a visitor so that we could all make a fuss of him.”

The team arranged for a drive in a Range Rover SVR and Jaguar E-Type, as well as providing our young mentee with some Land Rover merchandise to remember the day. He was over the moon!

Kim continued:

“We have just had another visit organised by myself and Nick where another young person from the Foundation visited us. He loved the cars and was so happy that he could sit in them and have a look around. We are staying in close touch with the Foundation to arrange some work experience and this is also something that we would love to continue in the future.”

Neil Vickery, our Operations Manager said:

“We are so grateful for the support given by both Nick, our superb volunteer mentor, and everyone at the Sytner Group, for providing such a tremendous experience. It’s so important for young people to feel connected to their local communities, and to know that there are people out there who want to provide opportunities to broaden their horizons and explore the world outside of their homes and classrooms. On behalf of The Young Lives Foundation, our thanks go to everyone who made this happen.”

Louise Schembri at Sytner Maidstone, said:

“It’s great that we’re able to support The Young Lives Foundation and give young people in the Maidstone area opportunities that they may not have had before.”

We are excited about the future of this great partnership and look forward to allowing more young people this fabulous opportunity!