Listening to Young People

Food, Feedback and Fun Day – A YLF Participation Event

At the end of July, the YLF Participation department, along with the support of the amazing YLF team, came together at the Tovil Community Centre for YLF’s first ever participation day.

This was a wonderful day full of fun and creativity. The main purpose of the day was to gather as much feedback as possible about the YLF services from our young people so we can find out how we are doing from the young people’s point of view.

The young people worked their way around 9 different activity stations to give feedback. We gathered our responses in a variety of different and fun ways including spray art, poetry, sports and our very own diary room!

Some of the questions we asked were:

  • What could we do better?
  • What has changed for you?
  • What does YLF mean to you?
  • Can you help us design a safeguarding leaflet?

Here is some of the feedback the young people gave us:-

What could YLF could do better?

“More outings”
“Nothing I can think of”

What does YLF mean to you?

“They are understanding” and “I get to do a lot of things”
“Today has been fun” and “YLF help people give them a better future”
“Fun activities, excellent, the spray painting was great” and “Outstanding”
“I love all the activities they are really fun”
“Today was brilliant, I love YLF and fun days activities”

What has changed for you?

“Meeting up and getting more confident”
“Mentoring is brilliant. Kay is always there”
“YLF keeps me on my toes in the summer holidays!”
“I have made more new friends and everyone’s view and opinions are considered”

We also held an anonymous poll with all the young people that attended this event:

  • Do you feel listened too? 94% said :-D
  • Do you feel supported? 100% said :-D
  • Do you feel your views/opinions are respected? 100% said :-D
  • Do we help you gain experience and new opportunities? 94% said :-D
  • Do you feel safe at YLF? 100% said :-D
  • Do you feel YLF are open and honest? 100% said :-D

We shall be using your feedback to help us plan YLF’s future and I’m sure we will be holding more events like this soon.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that came along to support us with our activities, including one of our fantastic volunteers Brooke and the NCS young people, but most importantly our fabulous young people for giving us feedback!!