Summer Fun | Week 2


What did the young people get up to this week?!

Dover Harbour

What better way to start the week than with rafting?!

The young people of Thanet hit the road and headed for Dover, where they encouraged, challenged and supported each other as they built their very first raft together and sailed it out and around the harbour. Everyone looking out for each other when getting around the harbour and then enjoying many silly games before heading back to shore to continue the kindness and share lunch together on their journey home.

"I hope that we come back again and we get to stay for longer, two hours rafting wasn’t enough, we want more"

"I loved playing games on the raft, it was really fun"

"I don’t care that it rained, rafting was cool"

Gravity - Jump... Jump... Jump around!

So to hit the middle of the week the young people enjoyed leaping around on the trampolines and an inflatable assault course.

We had crazy jumping, flips, cartwheels, races around and crazy climbing on the climbing tower. The young people enjoyed spending time together trampolining, and after all their energy was gone they enjoyed sitting eating and drinking together before heading home.

"It was sooo cool on the inflatable assault run"

"I loved the inflatable climbing tower"

"I loved just sitting and eating food together, thank you"

Wingham Wildlife Park - A walk on the Wild Side

The week was rounded off with a trip to Wingham Wildlife Park. Young people were ever so excited to see and learn about all the animals in the park. Despite the constant rain, the young people got to see lions, tigers, butterflies and a baby chimpanzee. We then braved the reptile house to see all of the creepy crawlies, crocodiles and other exotic reptiles.

We stopped for an early lunch in the hope that the rain would stop but it just got worse so we headed back around the park to see the penguins, monkeys and dinosaurs. The young people all had a fantastic time despite the rain but they do want to come back on a sunny day!

“I loved all of the animals even the scary ones”

“The dinosaur park was really interesting as I love dinosaurs and learnt all about them”