Local Council Applaud Young People!


The Chief Executive of Medway Council, Neil Davies, and the chair of the Corporate Parenting Group, Cllr O’Brien, took time out of their schedules to visit the young people of the Children in Care Council (CiCC) to personally thank them for their time, commitment and achievements in improving the experiences of Medway’s children in care.

They visited last weeks meeting and said how grateful they were. Neil Davies stated, "We recognise how important you are in holding us to account and ensuring we do our jobs as best we can as corporate parents."

This follows OFSTEDs recent report which stated that, “The Children in Care Council is well established and very effective in working with the local authority. It has a central role in ensuring the local authority hears the voice of children in care and listens to their concerns. Looked after children involved in the Children in Care Council receive very effective support in developing good communication skills and achieve considerable gains in confidence to speak out about matters that concern them through the work of the Young Lives Foundation.”

Last week the CiCC meeting was very positive and exciting plans are already underway for the coming 12 months, including the Time 2 Shine event this autumn and a football match involving young people vs social care professionals!!  Watch this space!!