YLF Adventures At Legoland!

legoland1Youngsters in care from the ages of 5-11, decided that the only place to go with YLF for their summer trip would be Legoland Windsor!

It was an early start for the group and a long journey too but it was all worth it when we saw the Vikings River Splash! It was quite a wait but worth it as we went round the rapids getting very, very wet! “I love the water rides, I could go on them again and again” said Justin.

For those with good sea legs the next ride was the Jolly Roger pirate ride, followed by the Spinning Spider and Aero Nomad.

We even had time to see the Pirates of Skeleton Bay stunt show and get our Legoland Official Driving Licences! Although, some of the driving we saw would have been more at home in the stunt show!!

legoland2Everyone enjoyed looking around Miniland at the famous London landmarks all built from Lego and the Star Wars exhibition with all the characters such as C3PO, R2D2 and Darth Vader cleverly created from hundreds and hundreds of Lego bricks. Reece said “I really enjoyed seeing the Star Wars bit, especially the Millennium Falcon in Lego”.

The last thing was to spend our pocket money in the sweet shop and then back on the minibus to go home. “When can we come to Legoland again?” asked Lillie.