More Easter Holiday fun!

And this is what we did in the second week of the Easter holidays!

Crazy Golf

On Tuesday 11th April, a group of young people headed to Bluewater for some crazy golf fun!

After a speedy journey and a quick queue, it was time to grab the golf clubs and make the tough decision of which course to follow! Would it be the smuggler or the pirate route? Decisions made, it was time to let the competition begin! Which team would get around the quickest and with the best score?


At first the golf balls were going a little astray, with some ending up flying through to the next golfing green! As the course got more challenging, young people quickly became skilled at planning how to hit the ball so it went in the hole in the least number of hits.

“I found I actually need to think about where the ball needs to be hit to get it where I want it to go.” Sam

“I really enjoyed the golf, the pirate ship was the best part.” Sarah

When they arrived at the last hole, the young people in both teams were surprised to see each other, they had got around the courses at the same time! Now all that needed to be done was to have some lunch and add up the scores to find the winning team! Would it be the Smugglers or the Pirates?! … was the Smugglers!!!!

“I loved having Mc Donald’s for lunch it was really good.IMG_2636” Megan

Well done to all who took part. After all, it wasn’t really a competition, it was to have fun!  :-)





Easter Egg Hunt

On Wednesday, a group of  excited young people met at Shorne Woods Country Park for some Easter fun! With 11 ribbons hung on trees, one for each young person, the young people were set the task to find them all!


Working as a team, the young people were keen to set off and complete the challenge! Darting in and out of the woods, the young people found the ribbons on the trees, calling to each other when they found them.

“I really enjoyed trying this activity for the first time. I really liked working with my friends as part of a team.” Max

After all the ribbons were found, the group had time for a leisurely walk around the park before stopping for a picnic lunch. With lunch eaten, and much chatting, it was time to go home, but not before Easter Eggs were given out!


“Today was really fun. I loved my easter egg.” Ann





Thorpe Park

And on Thursday a group of 14 young people headed off for some fun at Thorpe Park!

After a very early start and arriving in plenty of time (amazingly there were no traffic hold ups!) the group excitedly planned their day. Which rides should they go on first? Decisions made, the young people headed off in their groups to enjoy the day!

Water rides, rollercoasters, ghost trains….with smiles, and much screaming, the young people got to experien12345ce them all!

“Today was mint. I got to go on the new Ghost Train ride!” Mark

“I love going on rollercoasters. Fantastic day out.” Sophie

Young people who hadn’t experienced the rides before were a little apprehensive at first, but came off the rides with smiles on their faces and headed excitedly off to the next ride!

“This was my first experience of going on rollercoasters and I absolutely loved it. This is exactly the sort of activity that I want to do again and again.” Max

“Some of the rides are scary, but I love it.” Rosie

At lunch time, the group got to talk about their adventures, what rides they had been on, which ones they liked, which ones were the scariest and with plans made, headed off for a packed afternoon with many more rides!

1234At 6pm, it was time to leave the park and as the group headed home, they chatted about the rides they had been on in the afternoon……had anyone been on Stealth?? Yes they had!