Paintball Mania

PB1Young people headed out on Wednesday for a messy adventure in the woods - this time for paintball mania!

The group from across Kent had an early start with YLF at 9am when they went paintballing for the day at Saltwood in Hythe. Regardless of the summer holiday sleepiness, it was certainly not stopping them from getting excited about their day out!

The group arrived at Saltwood, were given their paintballing gear and then ready to commence the greatest paintball battle between two teams - the reds versus the blues!

The day started with a game of 'Capture the Flag', where each team competed to capture each other’s flags and take it away without getting shot down with paintballs. It was a rather challenging experience and the teams worked well to plan who would run where and when whilst others kept lookout. Great game play by both teams but the red team managed to triumph.

PB2"Paintballing in the jungle - what could be better - especially the swamp area in the woods!" said Pamela.

There were another three different types of paintball games until the young people were exhausted and keen for their barbeque lunch which flowed well with good conversation about how the day was going, who was winning and what tactics could they use next...

Energy was restored and it was onto the next game... The group headed back on to the playing field where they carried on with their competition between the blues and reds. Reds were currently in the lead and so the blues really had to see if they could pull it back... Sadly the blues didn't quite catch up and the red team were victorious!

"That was just the best - I've loved it!" said Jamie

PB6After a great challenge between teams, nearly losing shoes in the mud and getting shot with paintballs galore, the group headed home tired, a bit bruised but extremely happy to have had such a great day paintballing and spending time with each other.

With special thanks to Thomas Cook for funding this trip.

Chloe summed up the day, “The best thing about today was… well... everything - I've had such a good time!!”