Scouting About!

DSC_1305Climbing, zorbing and geocaching - all in a days activity!

On Wednesday a group of 16 young people got the chance to experience some brand new challenges at the Kent Scouts Activity Centre.

The group started the day off combating the indoor climbing wall. The young people managed to push themselves and climb as high as they possibly could with some young people even reaching the very top!

“I was really impressed with them all. They climbed so much further than I thought they would.” Lucy Positive Activities Coordinator

DSC_1334The start of the afternoon was spent with everyone taking it in turns to have a go at Zorbing. This involved being strapped into an extremely large inflatable ball - a lot for those with claustrophobia to take on - but they all had a go. Off they went bouncing and rolling down an inflatable run - who knew that being pushed down a hill in a ball could be so exciting!

Justin said, “That was soooo much fun”, and Moses said, "I could do this all afternoon!"

For lunch, everybody gathered to share their thoughts on the activities so far and enjoyed a BBQ together.

DSC_1350 EDITNext on the schedule was to try Geocaching! The group was split into two teams, each given a compass and sent off into the woods. They were on the hunt for treasure boxes and the only way they could find them was by working as a team and following the coordinates on their instructions paper... Let the hunt begin!

In the boxes the young people found different objects. They could then swap an object for any of those previously supplied to them. What an adventure! The entire group had never done such a thing before and all were so excited when they returned at the end of the activity to boast about how many boxes they managed to find!

“Geocaching was sooo cool, we found lots of boxes and added our stuff to them.” said Alfie.

Everybody was exhausted! The day was full of adrenaline and new experiences leaving all of them ready for home time!

“Today has been great, I loved everything.” Bethany, aged 11

“I loved today, my favourite bit was zorbing.” Joseph, aged 11