The Participation Team Go To Oxford

anne LongfieldOn Tuesday the 1st of August 2017, Sarah and Karleigh headed to Oxford to attend the regional Children in Care Council meeting and present the Medway Children in Care Council’s Stigma film and raise full awareness of the issue. The meeting was attended by Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield and Children in Care Councils from Kent, Portsmouth and many other locations, where the issue around stigma was discussed thoroughly. The CiCCs came up with the idea that in the future, all CiCCs in the regionkcc would come together to make a new stigma film to publicise the issue to all of the Children in Care within the region, to other schools and to be shown in professional settings. The Participation crew came away from Oxford with high hopes for the future and the positive feeling that we are now closer than ever to tackling stigma. Watch this space to stay up to date on the progress of stigma. We look forward to the change that is soon to come!