Police Takeover Day!!

The Children in Care Council (CiCC) took over Kent Police for a day to fulfil the existing roles of current police officers, sergeants, detectives and managers to find out what they do in their everyday life and to challenge the stigma some young people have around the role of the police force.

On this day, the members of the CiCC took phone calls in the control room, found out what a crime scene looked likeIMG_2481, and how to find fingerprints and collect evidence. The CiCC Members helped the police officers and the detectives find fingerprints on a vandalised car. They interviewed the witnesses and heard their side of the story. They then had to try and work out who the suspect was and in the end they found the suspect and all the evidence they needed to arrest her.IMG_2496

The CiCC members also got shown round the custody rooms – with the world’s worst beds!

At the end of the day they were handed certificates for the good job they had done!

IMG_2554At the end of the takeover day all of the CiCC members said that they were not scared or frightened of the police anymore which was the best outcome we could have hoped for andIMG_2489 made the takeover day a success.

We would like to thank Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott, Chief Inspector Alland and Inspector Dyball for making the day possible. We would also like to thank all of the other police officers who took part and for making this a day we all had hoped for and one we will remember!

Our members said

IMG_2517“I enjoyed going to sit in a police car and hold the riot tools. I had a really good day and I found it very educational too!"

“A really interesting day, I found out loads about the work they do and had a go myself!"

“The enthusiasm amongst the young people was infectious and made for an all-round enjoyable event. The real positive was the total buy-in by the young people to be part of an ongoing forum to ‘challenge’ how we Police in Medway. I think there was a unanimous response from all that attended which was fantastic!” Inspector Dyball

We're glad that our CiCC members enjoyed themselves!