Santa Special!

IMG_0714On Sunday, eleven young people were extremely excited to be heading on an adventure to see Father Christmas!

They weren’t just going to see him any old way, they were going on a miniature narrow gauge train!

The young people boarded the minibus in Medway and then went on a little road adventure through the windy country roads before arriving at a rather lovely looking garden. There they discovered the steam train!

“The train is really fun, I like all the cool things we went past.” said Amy

The children heard a man shouting "All aboard", so they joined to see where the steam train would take them. It went through the trees, through a tunnel, under a bridge and past some stations before arriving at a platform. This is where a rather large and elderly gentleman dressed in red was waiting for them... it was none other than Father Christmas! There was so much excitement when the children realised!

“There is Father Christmas!” shouted Caitlin

IMG_0708Father Christmas along with his elves greeted the children and proceeded to ask them about themselves and what they wanted for Christmas. He then gave them each a beautifully wrapped gift and a bag of roasted chestnuts before seeing them on their way.

Once back at the station they enjoyed some lovely food and drinks while opening their presents before heading back home.

“I hope we can come again next year, it was really fun!” said Lewis

“I am so thankful of the lady whose house it is for letting us come round to see Father Christmas.” said Michael