Sony Music Experience

YLF youngster and music fanatic, Tyler, is gifted an exclusive visit to Sony Music in London!

With thanks to our partnerships with HeadStart Kent, and The National Lottery Community Fund, Tyler and his Mentor took a trip to Sony Music.

Tyler has a long term mentoring arrangement with his volunteer Mentor, Amber, who has always encouraged him to never let go of his dream, which is to become a music artist.

To support the mentoring he has been receiving and to encourage Tyler to continue working hard towards his achievements, he was offered the opportunity to visit Sony Music in London. Find out how it went by watching his video here:

Volunteer Mentor, Amber, says:

“I first met Tyler when he was 12 years old when he was referred for a Mentor. Tyler’s had a complicated life to say the least and he was referred to have access to some 1:1 support. He was a misunderstood, angry young boy who had no one to talk to. I started to work with him and for what’s usually a 6 month arrangement, 4 years later I am still supporting him. Not because I have to, but because I want to.

He’s now nearly 16 years old and says having a Mentor encourages him to be ‘who I want to be and follow my dreams’… being a Music artist. We went to Sony Music where he was introduced to people who have signed the likes of J Hus, Not3s and Fatman Scoop! I was so proud to watch that 12 year old angry boy, be in his complete element and put himself forward for things he never would of before!

I give Tyler ONE HOUR a week of my time as a volunteer Mentor. And this is what it’s done for him.”

YLF is incredibly grateful for volunteers like Amber and also very proud of Tyler.

Amber wants to encourage other adults out there to become a volunteer for YLF and adds,

“Rather than commenting on what you see/hear/think you know, help change it. You don’t need experience, you don’t need all the answers, you just need to give them time. If one adult can do this for one young person, imagine what loads of us could do.”

Find out more about volunteering on our website here