Supporter Messages

Sharing Christmas wishes and messages from supporters of our Christmas campaign...

Some of our messages from donors...

  • Great initiative. A safe and peaceful Christmas to all
  • With love and best wishes for Christmas and for a happier New Year
  • Well done Young Lives – hope you make a lot of young people happy
  • Wishing you peace at Christmas
  • What a wonderful cause for young people. Such special caring Staff for Social Services
  • This is a fabulous idea, which I am happy to support again this year. This has been such a strange and difficult year, particularly for anyone facing big life changes and feeling alone. Thank you for the opportunity to take part xx
  • Merry Christmas to all the care leavers in Kent ❤️
  • Well done to all who are arranging this and Happy Christmas to all the care leavers
  • Wishing you every success with the Christmas Campaign and my KCC colleagues every good wish for their hard work and diligence in raising funds for our children and young people
  • Merry Christmas to all the Children and Young People in Kent who are in our care now, and who we are supporting to move on to the next stage in their life. We are so proud of you and hope you have a great Christmas, and that 2021 is an upgrade for us all!
  • Wishing all our Care Leavers at Kent County Council a very Happy Christmas. Sarah Hammond
  • Great Christmas campaign again. Happy Christmas to staff, volunteers, supporters and all the young people you help
  • Great work, you are all amazing! All the best with the fundraising
  • Happy Christmas Superstars!!
  • Great campaign. Good luck and Happy Xmas to our care leavers
  • Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and every happiness for 2021
  • A little gift to let you know you are a special person and to make your day a little more special
  • I hope this brings you some extra happiness at Christmas
  • I appreciate all the good work and hope that my little contribution helps you forward. Have a merry, merry, Christmas
  • Hope you raise more than you need, so they can all get a little extra! 🙂
  • A charity very close to my heart, they were there for me in rough times and helped me grow into the person I am today. A small charity who help a huge amount of children – I will of course be donating!
  • Wishing young people spending their first Christmas independently in Kent lots of love and admiration for the journey they’re on. You’re heroes, and deserve a brilliant 2021! x
  • This charity helped me so much when I was growing up in care, they do such a fantastic job and really care for young people in care. I know this donation will help bring a smile to a child in care over Christmas.
  • Good luck to all the young care leavers, in these exceptionally hard times. They are all wonderful people.
  • As a former foster brother I know first hand the difficulties children in care face and to start out in life can be daunting as it is but as a care leaver it must be even more challenging at times. I hope you can have a restful and happy Christmas. Rob
  • To the bright young adults of the future. You are loved and valued. Merry Christmas. x