Teambuilding with Corporate Parents

IMG_1696 EDITAt the request of the Children in Care Council, Medway’s Corporate Parenting Group were invited to come together for an Annual Teambuilding Evening: CPG VS CiCC!

A mix of 24 young people and Corporate Parents arrived at Gun Wharf in Chatham last week and received a warm welcome from Medway’s Cllr Mike O’Brien. Then it was over to Medway’s Children in Care Council (CiCC), led by Paddy, to get the games started.

First was a ‘Find your Family’ icebreaker to group everyone into teams followed by a team naming session. Team 1: ‘All Stars’, Team 2: ‘Castle’, Team 3: ‘A Team’ and Team 4: ‘One Second’.

More games included ‘Heads or Tails’ won by All Stars, and a thought-provoking ‘A4 Paper Challenge’ where each team had to work together to solve a mind boggling challenge!! Team All Stars once again were winners and demonstrated how they did it! The night was going very well, and quick too!

IMG_1693 EDITNext was ‘The Human Knot’ requiring team work, communication skills and logical thinking. The thinking caps stayed on for the ‘General Knowledge Quiz’, incorporating general knowledge of recent TV programs, the Medway Towns and facts about the CiCC.

The smell of pizza was drifting down the hallway and getting to us all! Then came through our pizza delivery, with thanks to Lee Waghorne at Medway for arranging this – a well-earned finale of a successful event!

Paddy announced the final scores: All Stars - 1100 points, A Team - 870 Points, Castle - 780 Points, and One Second - 660 points. A huge well done to All Stars and for everyone who took part this year!

IMG_1697 EDITPaddy, David and Tiffany from the CiCC joined together at the end to say a very well-deserved thank you and farewell to Jo Cross who will be leaving her position of Service Manager for Looked After Children at Medway. David thanked Jo for all her hard work, determination and help that she has given to the CiCC and the members as individuals. We would like to wish her the best for the future.

Cllr O'Brien stated, "A big thank you to our brilliant Children in Care Council for this fun event. It was great to see the positive involvement of the cross party members of the Corporate Parenting Board and our young people."