Paddy’s Blog | Week 22

04/05/2015 | By Paddy...

"This week I have had lots to do. I sent out letters to CiCC member’s social workers asking them for references - this was a little harder than I thought it was going to be, making sure that you change all the names and address and reading their data right. I also printed out copies of the India presentation and copies of young people’s applications so that they can go to social workers. After they was ready Stephen checked them and signed them. Then I franked them and posted them just on time!

I also had to send out letters to foster carers for a references too. Although its time consuming I had to make sure I had this done - some young people who live together still had to have separate letters.

I done a final ring around for the upcoming basketball match. I have been liaising with Faye Kennear, PA from Medway, to organise this event for the last few weeks.

I have had my six month appraisal with Stephen and Janine this week. This went really well and I'm going to grow so much more in the upcoming months. We then went out to celebrate my work I have been doing with a nice meal.

I attended Challengers group this week which was football training - everyone loved it!

My NVQ is going well and I am now up to 65% complete!"