Paddy’s Blog | Week 23

11/05/2015 | By Paddy...

"This week I had an assessment with Tracey, my NVQ assessor. Tracey asked me to do some things so I had to do it to show her I knew what I was doing. Tracey was asking me what I've been doing and why I was doing it. Tracey then spoke to Janine and asked her to sign off the work she has been assessing today. My NVQ is now 71% complete!!

Monday was the day of the Basketball Match. I made sure my final plans were ready but I was quite nervous as it was the first event I've partially organised. The match was a success and everyone got involved and enjoyed themselves. I am really happy about how well things went last night and how it turned out... everyone said they are now looking forward to the Football Match!

I have been liaising with Claire Read about the Designated Teachers Meeting I will be attending.

I have also been looking at drafting the next newsletter and started writing a report on the Basketball Match.

I had Challengers group on Thursday and we went Snowboarding at Capstone Ski Centre. The snowboarding lesson went well and it was good to see everyone giving it a go. It was also nice to see that the people who had snowboarded before was helping out the others.

I spent Friday studying on my NVQ work."