Paddy’s Blog | Week 24

18/05/2015 | By Paddy...

"Monday was a catch up day - I had to check lots of emails and action those I needed to. I then got on with updating my blog and my week commencing. I also spend some time on the CiCC newsletter. I have already got quite a lot done with this and I can soon give the first draft to Janine so that she can edit it. I also spent some time with Lisa and Stephen to come up with a few questions for interviews.

Tuesday I was helping to interview some new YLF staff so spent some time before starting reading their application forms. I set up the meeting room and the laptop too, so that the candidates could show us their presentation they had to bring with them. The interviews took place throughout the whole day so I was on and off my computer. After everyone had their interview, Lisa, Stephen and I, sat down and spoke about who we thought would be suitable for this role. I said who was my two stronger people were then left the discussion with Lisa and Stephen.

This week I also made a few phone calls to try get some equipment that we could use for the upcoming Football Match in a months’ time. I then started to look at some trophies shops to find the best deal I could for young peoples medals.

I have been in touch with Claire Read to confirm where the Designated Teachers Meeting will be taking place and I started to prepare info packs that I am going to be giving to them. Claire emailed me telling me there was going to be nearer 30 people there - I only made 10 packs……. I had to make lots more packs in such sort time but with help from Lucy we did it. Once we got to the meeting Lucy spoke about YLF's Positive Activity Programmes and I spoke about the CiCC and how positive activities helped me out before I become an apprentice.

The Challengers group met at Spoons Buffet Restaurant this week for a meal together which was a good choice!!

On Friday I studied from home on my NVQ."