Paddy’s Blog | Week 25

25/05/2015 | By Paddy...

"This week I had to be more proactive about my workload and things to do because Janine was off. So, on Monday I came up with some questions for the CiCC Junior Group who are heading off on an alpaca trip this week. I also started preparing the CiCC Seniors agenda for our next meeting on Wednesday 3rd June.

On Monday I also did a ring around to see who is going to the CiCC meeting and I put together and printed out a presentation that I am going to be giving to LAC nurses later in the week.

The Junior CiCC had a trip out to Alpaca Annie this week. We split into two groups and my group went and fed and pet the Alpacas first. We even had the chance to see the reptiles. The young people enjoyed the day out with the alpacas and faced some of their biggest fears with the reptiles. I was pleasantly surprised that they all took the opportunity to answer the questions I put together for them and will feed back about this at the next CiCC.

Later in the week, I had a presentation with LAC nurses at Residence 13 in Medway. It was the first time doing something like this totally on my own but it was such good experience and the LAC nurses were so nice to chat with. The presentation went really well for me even though I was nervous I think I still smashed it!!

On Friday I studied from home on my NVQ work as some work was due in. I sent this across to Tracey for assessment."