Paddy’s Blog | Week 26

01/06/2015 | By Paddy...

"On Monday I had my NVQ telephone assessment with Tracey. Tracey asked me about my appraisal and what happened, what the outcomes were and what I was going to be doing in the future. Stephen and I took a look at the CiCC agenda today and I had to make some changes to it. We came up with a new-looking agenda and made it a bit more formal. I then emailed Jo Cross the draft agenda to see if she would like anything else on it.

Tuesday I had blocked my day out so that I can get CiCC plans sorted for Wednesday's meeting. Jo had emailed me back saying the agenda was fine so I then sent this across to other professionals that were coming to the CiCC meeting. Following the agenda I had started printed out emails I needed and made some phone calls asking young people if they would like to come to the CiCC. 12 young people and 5 professionals are to be attending. After printing out everything I needed I checked it again to make sure I knew everything was there!

Wednesday was the day of the CiCC meeting but first I made my final ring around. Then I got on with updating the website with Janine. Today we also had a YLF team meeting about what has been going on over the last few months and Stephen also announced that the YLF Appropriate Adult Service has been given The Queens Award for Voluntary Service - which is equivalent to an MBE!

Stephen, Janine and I had a debrief the day after the CiCC meeting. We spoke about what happened and what matters are arising from the meeting. I then went away and got straight on with doing what I need to do. First I put in an order for the CiCC Football Match trophies - I'm sure the young people will like them! I emailed Phil Watson (Assistant Director of Children’s Social Care) to see who is going to be refereeing the football match.

A busy week but all has gone well."