Paddy’s Blog | Week 27

08/06/2015 | By Paddy...

"On Monday I had a Level 1 Safeguarding Training course to attend. I come into the office before I went because I had enough time to read my emails and then went to the course with some other staff at YLF who were also doing it. Joy Fourie was our trainer and she taught me a lot - overall I think the day was very good.

On Tuesday Stephen and I took off to the University of Kent to train MA social work students. There was a bit of pressure because, Ann Kelly, the lecturer, told us that this lesson was to be the last one the students will ever do before they go on to be a social worker! But the session was a very good and positive one. After watching the Stigma film, a student said, “That was such a powerful and touching film that really gets the point across – well done.” Such good feedback from such a nice bunch of students. Good luck to them all in their career!

Wednesday we had a CiCC Performance Meeting, which for me, was quite upsetting because I found out that there could be some big changes for the CiCC and YLF - I felt a bit demotivated because I am really passionate about it and don't want things to change when we are doing so great.

Thursday I went to Faversham to pick up the footballs we need for the CiCC Football Match against social workers next week. We also had Challengers group and went snowboarding which was good fun - our skills are getting better!

Today I discussed with Stephen the upcoming India experience and the info pack I am going to be sending out. Stephen gave me ideas of what to do so I got straight on with it and managed to get these done before lunch time! I then took these down to the post office so that young people would get these first thing tomorrow morning. Today I have also been updating my blog and my week commencing."