Fostering DVD Launch

Paddy Speech picThe Children in Care Council (CiCC) have been speaking up for looked after children again!!

Paddy, YLF's CiCC Apprentice, presented a speech about making care a positive experience in front of 150 guests at the Medway Foster Carer Lunch and DVD Launch on Wednesday. The speech was an introduction into why the DVD launch was taking place and why it was so important.

Paddy, who narrates the new Fostering DVD, said, "The CiCC have worked hard to try and make the move into foster care a more positive experience for young people. Many children experience difficult changes in placement and have unhappy memories of coming into care. We want to change this and work with the Council to make sure the first days in a new foster placement can be as positive as possible. So, after lobbying the Council to provide 'Profiles' of foster placements to children moving into care, our request has been listened to!

IMG_4690In addition, we have also worked with the Fostering Team to produce a short film, which we are launching here today. The film is made up of stories and experiences from children in care and is for those who are coming into care and might have a few questions, such as, 'what’s it like to be in a foster home?'. This film is about trying to help young people feel more secure and by helping at the very beginning we can try and give the best possible start to achieving this.”

Paddy received a huge round of applause and the new DVD was very well received. One foster carer said, “The film is brilliant and will really go down well. Well done to the CiCC and all that took part - you should be very proud.”

We look forward to sharing the film with young people very shortly!