Easter Activities

During the Easter half term we had chance to let of some steam and treat ourselves!

Tactics & Teambuilding

Down at the Thanet hub the Legends group had a fun filled Easter holiday… During the first week they chose to go paintballing, building on their team work and communication skills and most of all having fun!

“I have never been before and I loved everything minute of it. Thank you for letting me come.”

“Thank you, this was so much fun! I can wait to see what we do next!”

In the second week they headed to Clip ‘n’ Climb – a climbing wall adventure –  and this was a first for all the young people!!

They all had so much fun and can’t wait to come back again. It was a great well-being and confidence builder for the young people and was amazing to see some of the young people fight against the fear of heights and seeing them reach the top of the walls. WELL DONE EVERYONE!.

“Thank you this was amazing!!”

We also had the hub open on the Monday nights and the young people made their own scented candles. Thank you to our volunteers who come in to help the young people.

“I have loved making this, it was nice to find out how to make them, I am going to give it to my Mum.”

Facing Fears

On a sunny Tuesday morning the Sittingbourne Legends arrived at Mote Park raring to go! The activity today being the much-anticipated sky trail! Harnesses on – let the climbing commence!

Facing their fears, they steadied themselves and walked and ran across the course loving every second. After using up all that energy the young people sat down together and tucked into their lunch but there was no sign of slowing down as the park was up next!

Everyone enjoyed laughing and playing until it was time to cool down with an ice lolly of their choosing. The perfect way to end a fun-filled day.

Flippin' Fun

Our Medway Junior and Teen Legends bounced over to Flip Out in Chatham for a jumpin’ fun half term party!

The activity allowed the young people to have fun whilst building resilience and showing them how to have fun and be healthy at the trampolining venue.

The group had foam races and showed off all their skills but we just couldn’t decide on a race winner – so everyone got a nice cool slush after as a reward.

The young people were great at overcoming and managing their emotions whilst learning to be patient and adhere to the venues rule of ‘little people first’. May we say, we are very proud! The group said that this was the best activity ever and want to do it one million times over!

Bowling About

Our Senior Legends rolled up to Medway Valley Park’s Hollywood Bowl for a half term bowling sesh!

The activity was so our young adults could chill, catch up with friends but also discover that bowling counts as exercise.

The group showed off their skills as strikes and spares were bowled, but they all remembered that it’s not the winning it’s the taking part and being supportive and inclusive of each other that matters. They were great at understanding their emotions when they might not have had the highest score but celebrated those who did. We are so proud! Young people said this was a great activity and made them feel less lonely and isolated.

Easter Treats

With thanks to all the Easter donations from supporters and friends of YLF, every single one of our young people received an Easter Egg over the half term!

They were over the moon and couldn’t be more grateful to take home a treat!

Thank you to everyone who donated.