Fun filled weekend!!

On a beautiful, warm Friday evening, 14 young people rocked up at the YLF meeting point ready for the fun filled weekend of activities.


Once all had arrived, we hit the road and aimed for a safe and speedy drive to Carroty Wood, as everyone knew that dinner would be ready for when we arrived!

“Everyone loves Bangers and Mash for dinner, it is like the best” Sam

After filling up with great food, it was time to explore the place we would call home for the next two days. Once bed making and bag unpacking was done and everyone had settled in, we all enjoyed a few games of Man hunt, hide and seek and some tennis. The group thought they would see if they were as good as the Wimbledon players that were due to start soon… maybe a few more years practice first?!

Rest was definitely needed and everyone headed off to bed, although with so much excitement about the weekend and activities ahead, there was little sleep had and rather tired leaders the next day.


On Saturday morning, with excitement at its peak, it was time to head to the first activity of Geocaching.  Not many of the young people had done it before so they were rather intrigued by it all. (Geocaching are little boxes hidden all over the place for people to find and add something to show they have been there. You need a GPS to do this)

Each Geocach box represented a different amount of points, and after whizzing through the woods in two groups, it was time to see which team were the winners!! Was it going to be the YLF team or the Pretzels team?.... the winners were the Pretzels!

After a quick pit stop it was time to go climbing, with young people racing up, some young people climbing three legged or blindfolded! Everyone had a go and pushed themselves further than they expected.


“ I can’t believe I climbed that high,  I am scared of heights but I wanted to try and climber higher, I am soo pleased I did”. Simba 

After lunch the group was ready to hit the archery, with arrows flying everywhere, thankfully away from where the young people were, everyone enjoyed it. One young person hit the bulls eye at the end, well done to them!

“Archery was sick!”  Ann  (This is a good thing)IMG_3592

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, chilling out, playing some sports  and then all enjoyed a lovely dinner, dessert and a nice long evening walk.  With everyone feeling tired it was time to lay their sleepy heads to rest before heading home the next morning.

“I Thought that it was superalafrajalistcexpladoiouis” Sarah

“I thought it was fabulous”  Timone

Image result for kent community foundation

A big thank you to Kent Community Foundation Overstone Fund who granted us the funding to make this entire trip happen! We all had an amazing time!