Inside India | Sightseeing Weekend

22/08/2015 | CiCC's weekend of sightseeing


Our Inside India group were rewarded with a well deserved rest from volunteering and took the opportunity to learn more about the beautiful city of Udaipur.

First stop was City Palace. As we drove through the narrow streets, taking in the sights, sounds and smells, our senses exploded!

Our tour guide for the day gave great insights into the history of the city as we were shown around the King's and Queen's quarters of the Palace.

imageimageThere was a lot to learn from life in the Palace through the years and the special cultural traditions of India.

We were then given a real traditional treat as we attended the Bagore Ki Haveli show.

There was music, colours, fire, dancing, theatre and puppets, but the highlight of the show was when we were astounded by the lady who managed to balance ten pots on her head whilst walking on glass!!!!!

imageOur hosts had then organised yet another special treat for us - a group meal at an exclusive restaurant with stunning views of the City lakes and Palace!

It was hard to believe that earlier this was the same place we visited - a fantastic nighttime scene of lights and glistening waters.


Some of us indulged in traditional Rajastan dishes whilst others opted for the familiar foods that they had missed including fish and chips!!!!!

imageSunday gave us all the opportunity to spend time in the local tourist markets to buy gifts for loved ones at home and the chance to try out another Indian tradition - haggling! There was various degrees of haggling and getting to grips with the local currency - rupees.

Paddy was delighted to have spent 10 minutes knocking down the price of his souvenirs only to find that later on, he managed to negotiate a 10p discount LOL!!!!

imageThe group settled that night with some music, dancing, and team games ready to prepare themselves for more volunteering tomorrow...