Leeds Castle!

leeds-castle-ukOur group of juniors enjoyed a nice stroll around the stunning grounds of Leeds Castle...

They enjoyed wandering through the woodlands looking at the trees and the birds, and spent time watching the ducks on the lake and seeing what fish were in there too. The group were surprised at how big the fish were! “Check the size of that carp fish out - it is massive!" said Jack.

img_2123-editEveryone then headed for the one challenge that has to be conquered whilst at Leeds Castle - the maze! There was lots of twists and turns and 'have we already been down that way' comments being heard. Finally, the first group finished and they enjoyed giggling and watching the others trying to make their way through... After an hour everyone completed it! Yay!

The new Viking Castle play area was not to be missed before heading back to the cars for the journey home.

3090549_2a"I really enjoyed today. The best bit was seeing the fish in the lake." Alfie

"I really enjoyed the maze and wandering around it, even if it did take ages!" Michael

"The play area was awesome!" Sam