Summer ’15 | Thorpe Park!

123The Positive Activities Summer Holidays Programme featured it's most wanted day out: Thorpe Park! 

The group of 14 set off in the sunshine for the amusement park. For some people this was a new experience, for others they were just enthusiastic to return. Everyone was excited and not even the traffic en-route could dampen our spirits!

Upon arrival we agreed on a meeting point and raced off in our groups to get started on the rides. Vortex
123456was a big hit with one of the groups! "I really loved Vortex! So much that I went on three times!" said Aisha.

Thrill seekers and daredevils braved the biggest rides; Swarm: taking you backwards, forwards, upside down and even through billboards; and Stealth: the tallest ride in the whole park, jolting you forward at 80 miles per hour in just two seconds! These were thoroughly enjoyed and the screams and laughter showed just how much! "Swarm was amazing, it's the first time ive been on it and it’s definitely my favourite ride!" said Tommy. Another favourite was Nemesis Inferno: spinning, diving and looping at top speeds to escape a steaming volcano.

1234At lunchtime, everyone chatted excitedly about their favourite rides and how much fun they were having, eating as quickly as possible to get back into the park - there was no time to waste!

After another adventure, the clock caught up with us and it was time to go. On the minibus back everyone was still excited about the trip and couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had.

Everyone was keen to 12345return to Thorpe Park, making it safe to say the trip was a big hit!