Sun, Fun and Thunderstorms!

Our Weekend at Stubbers Adventure Centre...

To start the half term off with a bang, 14 young people gathered to head off on a crazy adventure!

Upon arrival we tucked into some amazing food, great conversation and excitement for the activities the next day.

With little sleep, due to excitement, the adventurers were up and ready before we knew it. The first activity of the day was All Terrain (skating boarding down a hill)... Many of the young people took to it like a duck to water, and they enjoyed laughing at the staff who didn’t!

“All Terrain is sick! I have never done this before”

“It was cool learning the different directions”

Then it was straight off to the water sports activities starting with Paddle boarding. Standing up, falling down, aching arms and splashing around...everyone had a great time, especially as this was the first time for all.

“Paddle boarding was my favourite activity”

“Paddle boarding was the best as I had never done it before”

After lunch it was time to hit the kayaks and see who could stay in their kayak the longest, with one young person clearly losing that one.They not only managed to capsize their kayak they managed to sink it too!! All was good as the water was warm from the sun and giggles were had as the rest of the group watched on!

“Well I liked the fact I made everyone laugh despite losing my kayak”

“Kayaking was fun, and I enjoyed the water sports games, I was really nervous to do kayaking at first but I am really pleased I did”

Time for a dry off and some team work; building towers and helping each other to climb as high as they could with everyone working well together and listening to each other. A great way to finish the day. There was some evening entertainment followed by braving the loudest thunderstorm in many years!

Sunday morning arrived quickly and everyone was ready to hit the climbing wall, with each person racing up the wall so quickly and so skilled, that time allowed them to learn how to do the knots on the rope to keep them safe.

“It was cool that the instructor trusted me to tie people to their harnesses and that they just checked them. I really enjoyed being allowed to do that”

I loved climbing the wall and being able to go really high up”

“I loved watching Lucy fail to climb the wall and watch her fall off of it, it was so funny!”

To finish the weekend off in the beautiful sunshine everyone enjoyed banana boat rides and jet skiing around the lake to cool down.

“Thank you everyone at YLF for taking us on this trip. I had never had this experience before and I loved it”

YLF would like to say a massive thank you to Civil Service Insurance Society (CSIS) and BBC Children in Need for making this adventure possible.