Theme Park Fun Time!

Chessington World of Adventures!

Super thrills and fun was had at Chessington during half term for a group of our youngsters. For some it was their first experience of a theme park and they built up the courage to try out some of the scary rides. The group also enjoyed looking around the Zoo and Sea Life Centre where they got to see tigers, monkeys, baby sharks and everyone's favourite; the penguins!

The weather stayed dry which was great, although the youngsters would have always wanted to try the water rides whatever the weather! A fantastic day for everyone!

“The aquarium was really cool. I loved touching the Chocolate Chip Starfish and seeing baby Hammerhead sharks” Rebecca

“I loved the Cobra ride, it was awesome. I was scared at first but it was so much fun!" Rochelle

“I made loads of friends and had an awesome time. I really love doing things with YLF” Pat

Thorpe Park

The end of the half term week brought excitement to our group who headed off to Thorpe Park. The young people challenged each other to see who was the bravest when it came to the highest and the scariest rides.

There was lots of fun in the sun, whizzing round on bumper cars and hitting the water rides to cool down - or getting drenched shall we say!

“I loved Tidal Wave”

“Thorpe Park is always fun when we come here”

 “When can we come back?!”