Theme Feedback – Health & Support

We reached out to gather feedback under the new theme of ‘Health & Support’...


We received 23 survey responses from different ages and out of area young people!

We also held group consultations and spoke with young people about this theme.

We were proud to make the consultations inclusive so everyone could contribute, including those who live out of area of Medway.

Agreed Actions from the Corporate Parenting Board May 2022

1. To look into further healthcare support for care leavers ages 20-25 years

2. MCYPC to add all resources for health and support services to our website so it is easily accessible for young people

3. Workers to recommend sleeping strategies for different ages for young people who are struggling to sleep due to anxieties, worries, etc

4. Setting up a subgroup for health & support

5. Taking forward and planning of the Time to Shine Awards

We will keep you updated on the progress and the actions agreed from the meeting. Watch this space… Which Councillor will feedback next?

If you would like more information around the themes and what they are all about please check out our Blog post – Themes Inspired by You!