Danielle’s Mentoring Success!

Our volunteer mentor, Denise, has been helping Danielle, who has been out of education for 5 years! And she's just gained top marks in her Animal Care ASDAN course! What a fantastic achievement! Well done to Danielle!

Danielle was referred to the service because she was not in education and had not been since she img_7203was 12. She was socially isolated through her depression and anxiety and in desperate need of one-to-one support from someone independent.

YLF discussed completing an ASDAN challenge with Danielle, in a subject of her choice hoping this would act as a stepping stone back into education. Danielle loves animals and caring for them so it seemed the perfect choice when she decided to complete an Animal Care ASDAN with her mentor.

Danielle was matched with a volunteer who also has a passion
for animals and has kept animals over the years. It was great to identify a volunteer who shared img_7205Danielle’s passion. Danielle and the volunteer worked through the course, visiting farms, animal centres and pet shops researching how to care for certain animals.

An ASDAN is a fantastic stepping stone in supporting Danielle into some form of education and aiding her confidence and self-esteem. Danielle has just turned 17 and her depression and anxiety holds her back. The volunteer is working on encouraging her to look at college courses and exploring ways in which to attend college and overcome her anxiety.

Danielle is now participating in our activity programme and making new friends.

Danielle says, "Thank you to you and young lives for supporting me throughout my course, I am overwhelmed by the support I’ve received. I can’t believe I have achieved something like this and it means so much to me."