Santa Special!

On Sunday 4th December, a group of juniors ventured across Kent to see Santa for a special Santa steam train ride! With Christmas tunes in full swing we headed on our way...

img_2065We were warmly greeted by elves with happy smiles before boarding the train to see a very important person! “Look at the elves, they look funny and cool!” said Alisha.

After travelling through the woods, over some bridges, and through a couple of stations we eventually arrived at the special destination….Santa's Grotto. “There is Santa, so cool!” said Kaci.

There was so much excitement to see Santa as he asked everyone lots of questions before giving them a present and reminding them to continue to be good.

“I love my present, I can’t wait to make it” said Megan.

img_2057We thanked Santa and before heading home we were treated to Santa cookies!

“I really enjoyed my day out, it was really nice and thank you for letting me come along” Sophie.

“I loved today, it was the best” Michael.