Takeover Day Round 2!

An amazing 'Takeover Day' opportunity was given to our two apprentices at The Home Office!

Lucy and Karleigh headed to London for a Government 'Takeover' arranged via The Children's Commissioner #TakeoverChallenge 2016.

Lucy went to the Home Office Headquarters to takeover the role of 'Director of Transformation Programmes' and Karleigh went to Heathrow's Immigration Removal Centre to takeover the role of 'Director of Asylum Operations'!

lucy-and-karleighHere is what they had to say about their day...

Lucy | "I went to the Home Office in London and met with Martin Seller, the Director of Transformation Programme. I went into a meeting with Martin Seller and then I spoke to Mubin and Scott about Smarter Working - I managed to give my thoughts on it! I even had a tour of the Home Office Headquarters including the Home Secretary’s Office!

I learnt that there are 30,000 people in The Home Office building, and that Smarter Working means they all have their very own laptop and Blackberry phone. This means they can always work at home and people in the office will be able to get hold of them.

I told my story about my journey into care and how it has affected me and my emotions. I am glad to have been able to do this and that the welcoming team at the Home Office, accepted me for me and listened to my views. It was an experience I didn't think I'd ever get to do!"

Karleigh | "I went up to London to takeover from the Director of Asylum Operations. I went around talking to lots of different staff members and learnt what different job types there were within their offices. I learnt how important some of the decisions they make are and also how they can affect an individual’s life. I found out about the structure of the Tribunal Court Services and what decision makers have to consider when choosing whether someone stays in the country or not.

I think the people I spoke to learnt a lot about me, the Children in Care Council and my role as Participation Apprentice. I think I may have touched the hearts of those I spoke to! I think my most memorable moment of Takeover Day would be travelling to the second office with the Director of Asylum Operations. I really enjoyed Takeover Day and it was a one in a million chance!"

We are incredibly thankful to The Children's Commissioner and to The Home Office for the time, effort and opportunity they have given to Lucy and Karleigh!