Elected Members Partnership

On 22 Feb, two Children in Care Council (CiCC) representatives, David (Chair) and Paddy (Apprentice), made history by addressing a presentation to the Labour Group Party in Medway.

Paddy & DavidA letter was recently sent from the CiCC to the elected members asking how they will support the CiCC. In response, the CiCC were invited to hold a presentation at the group meeting to explain what they do and achieve for children in care in Medway.

David and Paddy professionally represented the CiCC with passion and pride and gave great insight to the achievements the CiCC have recently made.

One elected member said, “Thank you for coming to talk to us last night - it was a great presentation and you should be really proud of yourself. I know that our members felt moved by some of the stuff you said and showed us and you're a credit to the kids you represent.”

The CiCC reps received a huge round of applause at the end of their presentation and reported that they look forward to working with the Labour Group.

“I can honestly say that you both made a deep impression on the members that were there. So much so, that one Cllr came up to me after you had left and offered any help that was needed.” said Cllr Pat Cooper