Haley & Kira’s Journey

Shining a light on the incredible work our volunteers do and how they truly change lives...

We met to chat with volunteer mentor Haley and young person Kira about their mentoring programme experience…

Tell us a bit about your journey together:

“We were matched on the community mentoring programme meaning that we met out and about and went to different places in our local areas. Kira was referred to YLF for mentoring as she was in a tough place, felt isolated, anxious and was self-harming and I was the volunteer who was matched with her. We met weekly and planned different trips we thought would be supportive.” – Haley

“We have done so much together. We visited museums, a games café, went on walks, met for a coffee catch up and Haley supported me in meetings at school too.” – Kira


What difference did having a mentor make to your life?

“Without Haley, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of the things we have done together; she gave me the confidence to leave the house and push myself out my comfort zone. She also helped me to stop self-harming and helped me gain trust in adults again. At first, it was strange because Haley listened to me when no one else did, but it helped me get out of bed in the morning knowing that I was going to be listened to and that someone was standing up for me.

Haley has also helped me to speak up more and I can explain myself now too.

I now see adults in a different way; they can be trusted and were once kids too. Haley has helped me and made a positive change and I don’t know what I would have done without her.” – Kira

“Haley has not just helped Kira, she has helped all of us. We were broken and she helped us as a family. Kira and Haley just clicked when they met and Haley was there for her when no one else was. Mentoring has also helped our mother-daughter relationship – we need more Haley’s’, she is amazing!” – Kira’s Mother

What makes Haley a good mentor and would you recommend having a mentor?

“She helped me through the bad times in my life and made me feel comfortable. She always listens to me and never once judged me or made me feel like a burden. I would definitely recommend having a mentor to any other young person. Just give them a chance and see how much they can change your life.” – Kira

Why did you decide to become a volunteer mentor?

“Young people have a rough time sometimes, and I wanted to be someone who could be there to support them and to try and make a positive difference in their lives. I came across YLF, applied and here I am!” – Haley

How has it impacted your life?

“It has been an incredible and life-changing experience. It has changed my whole outlook on young people – I didn’t realise how much they have to put up with nowadays. I have learnt that there is always more to a young person than meets the eye and doing this role has really given me a new perspective on life. Supporting Kira has also helped me with how to best support other young people. Being a volunteer mentor has honestly made me want to do more.” – Haley

That is exactly what Haley has done!

…Haley now also volunteers as a Befriender, supporting a young person in care AND with our Legends youth activity groups, supporting them each week at youth groups and out on residential trips.

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