Lenny the Lion!

We are thrilled to be able to introduce you to the newest member of the team, Lenny, YLF’s very own Lion Mascot – a dream come true for our young people!

The story behind the arrival of Lenny!

It was about two years ago whilst taking part in a YLF fundraising activity, that the young people met Squeak, the Mouse Mascot who was part of the bowling team at Hollywood Bowl. The young people were then inspired by the idea of introducing a Mascot to YLF – a dream they shared and were desperate to make happen! So it was time for YLF’s Participation Apprentice, John, plus Sharand, a YLF group member, to get to work!

Sharand shared the groups dream with our CEO, Stephen, who was excited about the idea and challenged them to work together as a group with the YLF team to decide upon a Mascot and fundraise to buy him!

John and Sharand decided to consult with young people about what type of animal the Mascot should be and a name for it through a series of polls on social media. The deciding choice was a lion – strong and courageous to represent the young people of YLF. His name – Lenny!

With kind donations made to YLF for the Mascot and an order placement, the young people and YLF team waited patiently for the arrival of Lenny… and what a splendid Lion he is! The dream came true, and Sharand and John couldn’t be happier with their efforts when Lenny made his debut appearance at the YLF Charity Football Match!

YLF is proud of the young people for their dedication and passion along the journey, and so happy to see their dream become reality. Show stopping Lenny now joins YLF at events attracting much attention – he’s pretty much famous and even features in a YLF film!

Sharand says, “I am so pleased that the mascot was produced by John and myself. I am proud to be a part of YLF and be a part of the idea of the mascot, and this massive achievement for YLF. Now we have Lenny the Lion and he will forever be a part of the YLF family!”