MCYPC Football Match!

It was a warm, exciting evening and a hopeful buzz swarmed the Strood academy pitch as the 30 strong MCYPC squad and Medway Council teams gathered to play their annual football match. Inspired by England’s young three lions team of 2018... both teams were looking good and ready to play!


There was a steady rise of competiveness as both teams shook hands. The MCYPC were the first to score closely followed by another. The game was already at an outstanding play, with the score of 2-0 to the MCYPC. Medway got comfortable on the pitch, scoring 2 more goals. Minutes to go until the half time whistle was blown and the MCYPC scored again leaving it 3-2 at half time. A quick refresher 10 minute break and the teams were ready to continue with the battle for the trophy. Medway came back on to the pitch raring to go and ready to do their best to retrieve the trophy.

Scoring another goal the MCYPC took the score up to a sensational 4-2. The pressure was doubled and Medway did what it took to score two more goals, the teams were at a tie… the next moves would be the ones to determine who would be taking the trophy home, would the MCYPC be crowned the champions for another year or would Medway win back the trophy that the MCYPC took away last year.

The MCYPC scored, quickly followed by another goal from Medway. The MCYPC strong squad meant we could rotate our players constantly freshening up the team, in the hope they would could score as many goals in the pure hope of victory. With 10 minutes to go, Medway scored again. The MCYPC stuck to each other like glue, a sign of pure unity, respect and teamwork, they scored. The score was 6-6. 5 minutes to go!

The MCYPC scored yet again, but despite the lack of time left, the defence played at their finest but Medway shot another goal into the back of the net as the whistle blew! The score was 7-7. The time was up and the decision was made for it to go to penalties.

All 30 of the MCYPC players lined up as did all 20 of the Medway Professionals, shot after shot went in to the back of the goal, but what was the score? After the MCYPC’s Team Captain took the final shot both teams anticipated the score…. Who would take the trophy home this year? The ref calculated the result and this was it, the wait was over.

The MCYPC had won 13-11 on penalties and were taking home the trophy for the second time!

Football did come home in 2018 after all!

With HUGE thanks to Strood Academy, Medway Council, Cllr Mackness, Andy Willetts, Stewart King (referee for the night) all supporters and to all who took part in the day whether playing or spectating. Well done team MCYPC!!!!!!!!!!!